Nokia N8 impresses 12 years after its premiere. It has features that modern phones lack

Nokia N8 impresses 12 years after its premiere.  It has features that modern phones lack

Nokia N8 impresses 12 years after its premiere. It has features that modern phones lack

Relax, I’m not going to prove that today’s flagships are bad smartphones. I’m not even going to convince anyone that Nokia N8 is better than them, or even more so that in its raw state it is suitable for something more than calling, sending text messages, playing offline music or clicking photos, because … it is not suitable . Although it must be emphasized here that the Symbian community is still alive, the system is unofficially further developed and after uploading the modification the situation changes slightly … However, this text is not about that.

Nokia N8 and features that I miss today

This text is about the possibilities and functions that the Nokia N8 offers, and we will not find them in today’s flagships. And it’s not about things like a MicroSD card and a 3.5 mm JACK jack. These are still available on many modern models, and the Nokia N8 wasn’t one of the last flagships we could find them on. This list will consist of less obvious things, which today we often replace with prostheses. Without even realizing that it is in fact “Paradise Lost”

The Nokia N8 had an FM transmitter

Of course, today none of us have a real one radio in the car, but only radio-like dummies for which you should not pay a subscription 🙂. However, purely theoretically, if someone had a radio without Bluetooth, then to play music from the phone on the car speakers, would have to use an AUX cable or an external FM transmitterthat connects to our phone via Bluetooth.

Not very convenient, requires additional hardware, and in the case of AUX, another annoying cable hangs. The Nokia N8 didn’t have this problem: all you had to do was turn on the FM transmitter and you could listen to your favorite music from your smartphone in the car. A really great and convenient solution that does not require additional equipment. Have an internet connection.

Nokia N8 – HDMI port

More specifically, miniHDMI, so an adapter was necessary. Thanks to this, it was possible to connect the phone to any HDMI monitor or TV. And that’s without any smart features. Of course, you can do similar things with a Chromecast today, but it’s a much more expensive device than a cable and requires additional power. While most TVs have a fairly powerful built-in USB port, it’s different with monitors. In the case of Nokia N8, you just plug in the cable and you have a picture. A really convenient solution.

Nokia N8 – two charging ports

It is worth adding here that two different charging ports. And although today it is not so important – thanks to you, the European Union for uniform charging standard! “It used to be so different back then. However, the owner of the Nokia N8 could borrow both a charger from Nokia and any microUSB. What’s more, connecting additional equipment to the microUSB port – flash drive, pad, or anything else – did not prevent charging the smartphone, because you could use the standard Nokia plug. It is a pity that the producers did not go a step further and the standard today is not, for example, 2 USB-C ports instead of one, or a microUSB and USB-C package.

Nokia N8 and lanyard clip

Remember those weird times when people carried their phones on leashes like giant pendants that hit them in the chest with every movement? Don’t worry, I’m not crazy, I don’t miss them either. So why such a catch? And it’s just that simple: for a wrist lanyard. I would feel more confident taking pictures with a smartphone from a kayak or some lookout tower, when I would be sure that even if it falls out of my hands, it will not fall to the bottom of the river / on the head of someone who is passing below. Of course, I’ve never dropped my phone, but I always feel a little stress in such situations.

Nokia N8 i xenon flash

Like some of the things mentioned here, this one also appeared in newer devices. However, now we will not find it on board smartphones. Of course, today’s LED backlights are quite bright, but not as bright as a single flash of a xenon flash lamp. These worked great in dark rooms or close and small objects in the twilight outside. Of course, today there is no room for such a device – literally, because the tube itself required a lot of space, a capacitor and a simple heat sink.

The Nokia N8 is an icon of modern deficiencies

Of course, each of the above-mentioned things can be replaced with some addition: external FM transmitter, Chromecast, USB-C Hub, case with a lanyard output, or powerful software to reduce noise in photos. However, the Nokia N8 offered all this as standard. It’s a shame that smartphones like this are no longer made.

If any of you got nostalgic – the phone itself, usually used, can still be obtained without major problems in the Polish network and for relatively little money.

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