Nine days to take any outstanding leave. Then there will be penalties

The end of September is also the end of the opportunity to use the outstanding leave for 2021. There are still nine days left, and for some only seven, if their workplace is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. That doesn’t mean your vacation is over, but that the employer may pay a large penalty if he has not complied with the statutory provisions in his company.

What if we have an outstanding vacation, but we do not agree to use it, “because it does not suit us”? Accordance with the law the employer may even force the employee to take leave and send it free without its consent. Otherwise, employers face severe penalties.

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– As part of the anti-crisis shield related to the COVID-19 pandemic, a provision was introduced stating that the employer, during an epidemic or epidemic emergency can send an employee on an outstanding vacation, up to 30 days, without his consent and without vacation plans. The state of epidemic emergency is still in force, and with it the entire provision – explains Mateusz Boguszewski, chief accountant at inFakt.

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