Nina Terentiew did not bite her tongue. She said how she thought about Doda

She will add for years it has been shocking with its bold image. Thanks to her interesting personality, she has gained a lot of fans who love her music and character. There are also people who accuse the singer of vulgarity and lack of class. After all, it is impossible to pass by her indifferently. He knows it for sure Nina Terentiew. Program director due to the fact that She will add now has her own dating show “12 steps to love” in Polsat, she revealed what the singer is like. She didn’t bite her tongue.

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Nina Terentiew perversely of Doda’s character. Many strong words were spoken

Polsat’s program director revealed in an interview with “Fakt” what personality she thinks Doda has. At the beginning of the interview, she told about the singer’s beginnings in the world of show business:

Doda has a special place in my heart because she is crazy. She is a sensitive person and, in fact, very fragile, so she acts just the opposite to defend herself. She is a child of show business. After all, she started her work when she was 12, and when she was 18, she was already in the “Bar” program – she emphasized.

You have to admit that Nina Terentiew she spoke very warmly about the singer. She then added that her personality is controversial and unpredictable and that she values ​​in her. She also mentioned a big one talent vocal that she was supposed to appreciate herself Elżbieta Zapendowska.

She has a great voice. This is the opinion of Elżbieta Zapendowska, who knows what she is saying and whose opinion I respect and respect. Doda does everything with all her heart. She’s hopeless and then she’s gorgeous, she doesn’t pretend to be anything, she doesn’t play anything. Such people are worth their weight in gold. She is not polite and she is not nice because someone would expect it. There are not many such people. He takes everything on his chest and love, hate, jealousy, friendship – she concluded.

Do you agree with the words of Nina Terentiew?

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