Nicholas Evans is dead. The writer and author of the book “The Horse Whisperer” was 72 years old

Nicholas Evans, British writer and author of the famous book “The Horse Whisperer” in the 1990s, died last week at the age of 72, his agents said.

“United Agents announces with great sadness the sudden death of famous bestselling author Nicholas Evans, who died suddenly last week of a heart attack on Tuesday at the age of 72,” it said in a statement released on Monday.

Author of “Horse Whisperer”

“The Horse Whisperer”, published in 1995, is the debut novel by Nocholas Evans, who previously worked as a journalist and was, among others, a war reporter in Lebanon. He also worked as a TV screenwriter.

Nicholas EvansJohn Lawrence / Writer Pictures / Forum

The book, telling the story of a man who is hired to help an injured teenager and her horse recover from a severe injury, has unexpectedly been a huge success – it has been sold in over 20 million copies and has been translated into almost 40 languages. On its basis, a film of the same title was made in 1998, starring Robert Redford and Scarlett Johansson.

Evans later wrote four more novels – “Looped”, “Heart on Fire”, “The Abyss” and “The Brave,” but none of them came close to the success of “The Horse Whisperer.”

Main photo source: John Lawrence / Writer Pictures / Forum

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