Next decisions of the new president of TVP. He removed concert directors from cooperation

Their last performance was to be a concert on the occasion of the opening of the Vistula Spit ditch, scheduled for September 17 in Elbląg. However, the concert was canceled. However, there will be a concert organized in parallel by the Ministry of Infrastructure on the beach by the Bay of Gdańsk, which, however, will not be broadcast.

Mikołaj Dobrowolski directed, inter alia, TVP game show “Jaka to melodia” and performances of Polish performers at Eurovision. Robert Klaat is a musician of the Classic discopoly band, producer of discopoly TV programs, festivals and concerts.

The president was to decide to remove the directors at the end of the week, right now after the decision to remove disco polo performers from the concert program. Jan Pietrzak and Ryszard Makowski remained on the list of performersand according to the president, it is not enough for an attractive concert.

The event on the Gulf of Gdańsk is organized by the Ministry of Infrastructure. This free concert, financed by KGHM, PKN Orlen and PKO BP, will take place on September 17. The performers, including the shanty veterans 4 Refy, Sound’n’Grace and Cleo, did not sign any annexes to the contracts authorizing any television to record or broadcast the concert.

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