News on WhatsApp. This is something for Windows and macOS users

After a wave of criticism from users, WhatsApp has finally released a completely new version of the Windows application. This is not the end – a similar change awaits WhatsApp on macOS.

New application WhatsApp for Windows is characterized by faster operation and a streamlined interface. Its previous version was written in in Electron framework, which is adapted to the creation of web applications. Its users complained about the limited number of options and numerous errors that made it difficult to use the chat.

The new WhatsApp app for Windows is an important change

The code for the new WhatsApp application for Windows has been written from scratch, thanks to which the developers finally added the ability to send and receive messages when the smartphone is turned off. Previously, this was impossible, as the user could only actively chat when his WhatsApp phone was turned on.

Obviously with messengers of the sort Messenger if WhatsApp we mainly use phones, but some users like to have access to chat on the computer. A standalone application is more convenient than a browser, as long as it is responsive and well-written. The opinions of users who have downloaded the new WhatsApp for Windows are overwhelmingly positiveTherefore, we can conclude that the change was a good step to expand the possibilities offered by the communicator.

Similar changes are waiting for WhatsApp on macOS

Meta announced that similar changes are coming soon for WhatsApp on macOS. Also in this case, a completely new application will be created, written on Catalyst framework. It’s supposed to run faster and use less battery, which is good news for all MacBook users. The release date of the new WhatsApp application for macOS is not yet knownalthough selected users have already been invited to test.

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