Never answer the phone this way. The crooks are counting on it

There could be a long discussion about how to answer the phone. Much depends on the nature of the conversation or the functions performed by the interlocutors. However, not only culture matters. Inappropriate words used at the beginning of the conversation can be used by fraudsters.

Wrong words used when answering the phone can get you into real trouble. It is not about the anger on the part of the interlocutor who has not been treated with due respect. The consequences related to the security aspect can be much more dangerous. Scammers can use every word against us.

Many people use the words “yes, I’m listening?” After answering the phone. It seems to be a neutral twist where there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, the expression itself is correct. Unfortunately, fraudsters can try to misuse them. One of the readers of the website met with a suspicious situation and a very short phone call.

When he picked up the phone, saying “yes, listening?”, He only heard “thank you, then that’s all for me. Tomorrow we’ll send you an invoice.” The conversation lasted only a few seconds and ended. This behavior of the caller may suggest that the conversation lead could be used in the manipulated recording.

Fraudsters can use the clearly sounding “yes” word to appropriately manipulate a conversation that will constitute a false confirmation, such as entering into a contract. We can then expect to become buyers of an item or service that we did not even want. The law allows for distance contracts to be concluded in this form.

Of course, the whole thing is explainable, but it can be time consuming and stressful. Although in theory we have the right to withdraw from such a contract within 14 days, it is worth ensuring that such a situation does not occur at all. Therefore, it is safer to answer calls using the words “hello” or simply “listening”. For some, it may seem difficult – overcoming a long-standing habit is always a challenge, but you may find the game worth the candle.

Karol KoĊ‚towski, journalist of

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