Netflix: TOP 10 of the week in Poland without any surprises. Many people have been waiting for this film

In the first place TOP 10 Netflix movies In Poland, between September 12 and 18, there was a long-awaited Polish production about one of the Ice Warriors. “Broad Peak” is a story of Polish mountaineer Maciej Berbeka based on real events.

Among the series, you can see a return to “The Crown” – after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a series about her life saw a significant increase in viewership.

“Broad Peak”which debuted on Netflix on September 14, is a film about love for the mountains, lust for success, overcoming your own weaknesses and obsessive pursuit of goals. Maciej Berbeka died in 2013, while descending after the longed-for reaching the summit of Broad Peak. He played his role brilliantly Ireneusz Czopa he is partnered by Maja Ostaszewskaas a climber’s wife.

In second place in the ranking of the most watched films in Poland, it was quite similar in terms of content “Apnea”, about another extremely dangerous sport – free diving – and the obsession with crossing one’s own barriers. The podium in the week of September 12-18 is closed by Netflix’s latest global hit – “Let’s take revenge” starring Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes.

  1. “Broad Peak”
  2. “Apnea”
  3. “Let’s take revenge”
  4. “Accountant”
  5. “The end of the road”
  6. “Villa of Love”
  7. “Random Passerby”
  8. “Boys from the Catholic School”
  9. “Adult Love”
  10. “Sharks of War”

Mexican was unexpectedly at the top of the list of the most popular series in Poland “Diary of a gigolo” telling the story of a male prostitute. The second season of the acting adaptation of the popular comic books from the series came right behind him “Winx”and Polish unbeaten for three weeks “Family games” fell to third place.

  1. “Diary of a gigolo”
  2. Destiny: The Winx Saga (season 2)
  3. “Family games”
  4. “The Crown” (season 1)
  5. “Cabra Kai” (season 5)
  6. “Disappearance at Lørenskog”
  7. “The Devil in Ohio”
  8. “Imperfect”
  9. “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners”
  10. “The Crown” (season 2)

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