Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max in January 2023. What’s worth seeing?

Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max in January 2023.  What’s worth seeing?

Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max in January 2023. What’s worth seeing?

Will this be a good start to 2023? Netflix, HBO and Disney will provide their customers with some really interesting titles that should interest movie and series enthusiasts. Viewers will finally get acquainted with, among others, “The Last of Us”, which is one of the most famous proposals from the gaming industry, which has a chance to conquer the hearts of more viewers.

Netflix in January – Featured Productions

endosperm (06.01)

For a good start of the month, Netflix viewers will get acquainted with an extremely interesting story – a retired detective (played by Christian Bale) must solve a murder at the West Point military academy. The hero will use the help of a smart cadet named Edgar Allan Poe (Harry Melling).

Vikings: Valhalla: Season 2 (January 12)

Netflix continues the acclaimed and great series – Vikings will return to many TV screens in January. It will be an interesting proposition for fans of productions with a Polish accent, because Marcin Dorociński has been involved in the project.

Pink 90s (January 19)

Netflix faces the next legend. “Pink Years” returns, but this time we will see the story of the young generation – although the series will not lack well-known characters who entertained fans for 8 seasons (200 episodes).

HBO Max in January – recommended productions

The Last of Us (January 16)

One of the most important productions of 2023? For many viewers, no doubt, because HBO and PlayStation will offer the first joint project. The series “The Last of Us” looks very good on the published materials and it remains to be hoped that it will be something more than just “another story based on a known IP”.

HBO Max has not yet revealed the full January lineup – the text will be updated

Disney+ in January – featured productions

The Simpsons – Season 34 (04/01)

The Simpsons will return to Disney+ and viewers will get acquainted with the latest episodes. Famous heroes still do not disappoint and even after 33 successful seasons, viewers can get ready for the next funny stories.

Little Demon (18.01)

In the middle of the month, Disney will offer the entire season of “Little Demon”, an animation depicting the story of a teenage antichrist – her mother was impregnated 13 years earlier by Satan, who now demands protection of her daughter’s soul.

Extraordinary (25.01)

An interesting story for teenagers will also debut on Disney+, in which we will find ourselves in an interesting world – here every adult has a superpower … everyone except 25-year-old Jen, who has to deal with her problem.

Which productions are we waiting for?

Wojtek: In January, some really strong productions will debut, which should interest a wide audience. “The Last of Us” seems to be a certainty and I will probably see the series on the day of its premiere, but I will also be happy to check out “The Pink 90s.” and “Bielmo”. The latter proposal promises to be especially good, because Christian Bale usually does not disappoint and engages in really good adventures. “Little Demon” also looks interesting – the production has collected 80% of recommendations from critics from Rotten Tomatoes and an 86% rating from viewers. However, I will not hide … I am most looking forward to the adventure of Joel and Ellie, because I believe that Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann will give us some strong episodes.

I’m most looking forward to: “The Last of Us”.

What offer are you most looking forward to in December?

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