Naughty Dog fights stress and gives up too early game announcements

Naughty Dog fights stress and gives up too early game announcements

Naughty Dog fights stress and gives up too early game announcements

With series such as The Last of Us if Uncharted, Naughty Dog studio has made a very strong position in the gaming industry. No wonder that a lot of players are waiting for the next high-quality productions of the developer. And that they are created – there is no doubt about it. We’ve known for some time that the flagship PlayStation studio creates, for example The Last of Us: Factions that is a multiplayer shooter set in a post-pandemic world. In addition, there is one more project in production, but most likely we will not hear about it soon.

During the conversation with the service ComicBook co-president of Naughty Dog revealed what this lack of information is due to. The developer emphasized that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Last of Us: Part II were announced long before its premiere. This in turn caused rush, tension and “trouble with work-life balance” in the ranks of the team. Taught by experience The studio decided to consciously postpone official announcements in order to ensure more freedom and peace of mind in approaching the new project.

By delaying the announcement a bit, we have a more flexible schedule that we can adjust to how production actually progresses. That’s why we’re working on a multiplayer game right now, but also another project that I won’t say anything about except that we’re very excited about it,” Druckmann said.

It’s hard to be surprised by such a decision by Naughty Dog. The official announcement increases interest, raises expectations, and thousands of players are starting to almost look at the developers’ hands. This effectively increases stress and ultimately also affects the technical condition of the game. familiar? Certainly CD Projekt RED employees could tell a thing or two here.

So we have no choice but to be patient and wait for specific information from Naughty Dog. However, before that happens, we can only guess what title the developer is currently working on.

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