Nadia Bartel stomach photo shows what her body really looks like

Fashion designer Nadia Bartel urged her followers to be kind to themselves as she shared a photo of the “reality” of what her stomach looks like.

During a stroll, the mother-of-two stopped to sit down and take a “realistic” photo of her stomach, after an earlier clip of her walking showed her looking toned.

“Also my tum today that has carried two boys,” she captioned the image.

“Don’t forget that you only see the angles people want you to see online, so be kind to yourself.”

The 37-year-old said a lot of the feedback she had on the image was positive – but there were some who accused her of sharing the photo to stay “relevant”.

“People don’t think I’m sending the right message by posting it,” Nadia said in her Instagram stories.

“I didn’t think too much of it, to be honest.”

Bartel said she gets comments and messages every day from people thinking her stomach is toned and flat.

“The reality is it’s just the same as most other mums’ are. Once you have a few babies, you have loose skin on your stomach that won’t go away no matter how much you work out,” she explained.

She said human nature and social media incentivize people to post their best angles, so their followers don’t see the reality of their bodies.

Bartel said those with a following online still have the same insecurities as everybody else and people shouldn’t compare themselves.

She urged each of her followers to be kinder to themselves and their bodies.

However she added that she understands it’s hard not to compare yourself to what you see around you.

“If you saw most of the people you follow online, you’ll see they don’t look perfect and everyone is going through the same s***,” she said.

“I’m guilty [of comparing myself]but just know you’re doing what is best for yourself, your situation and your family and setting up a really beautiful, positive body image.

“You’re doing little steps everyday to make yourself happy.”


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