Mysterious orders from Germany for gas-free pipeline capacity

It is not clear why the buyer placed orderssince Russia has not announced that any time soon by Nord Stream 1 will flow again gas – commented Reuters.

German operator Nord Stream AG conveyed that cannot confirm Monday’s nominationsthat is orders gas. According to Reuters, the nominations were visible on websites German gas pipelines connecting Nord Stream 1 with end users, but they were not recorded on the operator’s website.

Nord Stream 1. No gas flows through it since August 31

Nord Stream 1 is the largest gas pipeline in Europe, transporting up to 59.2 billion cubic meters of Russian gas annually. Gas stopped flowing from Russia to Germany on August 31. Originally, it was assured that the break would last three days, and Gazprom said that the suspension of deliveries was due to technical reasons. German responsible for the maintenance of the gas pipeline company Siemens Energy announced that the information provided by Gazprom did not reveal a technical reason for the suspension of gas transmission.

According to Reuters, the closure of Nord Stream 1 has tightened “worst ever crisis gas supply in Europe “.

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