My policeman (2022) – review, opinion about the film [Amazon]. About the hardships of truly strong love

My policeman (2022) – review, opinion about the film [Amazon]. About the hardships of truly strong love

A love story written for three people, with an action set in England in the 1950s. It is intriguing in places, but as in the case of the recent “Chrzcin”, other artists have done it better before. First things first.

Seventeen years ago my older brother, a guy with the beauty of a typical “bear” – with a belly remembering that it used to be solid muscles and a small chin – took me to the movies for “this cool new movie, people recommend”. I was 17 then, my brother was around 30. I was surprised by the confused gaze of the lady at the ticket office and the specific smile of the person checking tickets. Everything cleared up when we watched the movie. It was “The Mystery of Brokeback Mountain,” and I – in the eyes of the cinema staff – was my brother’s young boyfriend. It’s good that it was the cinema next to him, not next to me. And why am I recalling this hellishly awkward story? P.because “My policeman” is a bit of an English “Mystery …”, but without well-written and played characters. Empty, with nothing of its own to say.

My Policeman (2022) – movie review [Amazon]. A specific triangle

Patrick and Tom

Patrick (Rupert Everett) is released from the hospital and will henceforth live with Tom (Linus Roache) and Marion (Gina McKee) – their friends from their youth. The man, however, seems to avoid him as if he harbors a grudge against him. At first, the situation, which was incomprehensible at first, slowly becomes clear in the series with flashbacks, which over time become the main axis of the film. We get to know younger versions of the characters, played by David Dawson, Harry Styles and Emma Corrin respectively, observe the beginnings of their friendship and how it happened that the once inseparable Tom and Patrick now act as if they despise each other.

Considering the film I mentioned above, it is not difficult to guess what the film is about exactly, what the nature of the main characters’ accounts is about. Theoretically, even such a hackneyed plot can be used to carve an engaging piece of cinema, but it would require the gigantic talent of both actors, scriptwriters and the director. Meanwhile, Styles tries to make up for the shortcomings in depth with a pretty face, Dawson is nice, but terribly mannered, which makes it hard to sympathize with his version of Patrick, and Corrin … Corrin is great. On his own, he saves every scene in which he can be watched. Her Marrion is confused, a little muffled, like a woman in 1950s England, scared, and when the truth finally comes out, it first looks like she is about to go mad, and then the impression is only progressively deepened. Plus, she doesn’t seem to have any chemistry with Styles, which just suits the nature of their relationship. However, it will not save the nondescript scenario itself, and the truth is that apart from the catchy topic, there is nothing here.

My Policeman (2022) – movie review [Amazon]. Where are the feelings in that?

Love triangle

The director of the film, Michale Grandage, is an award-winning stage director, but in the filmmaking field he is still rather green and it shows. Neither his characters impress, nor the way the action is conducted, nor actually anything but pretty pictures, although it is the merit of the cinematographer, Ben Davis. The characters of the drama are flat as paper, but also the background of the events, England at a time when homosexuality was literally illegal is actually transparent, except for one or two scenes in which Patrick has to run away from law enforcement because she caught him in the middle of the street.

Feelings in “My policeman” also do not reach me at all. The director does not delve into the heads of his characters. Most of the feelings we observe on the screen are expressed physically, sexually, and not sweet-farting, but rather vulgar, with passion. I thought I would collapse from laughter when one figure threw a newspaper at his feet so that he could kneel comfortably in front of the other. I’m not surprised that their uniforms are chasing them. It’s not because they are gay – a straight couple would also have to blow where pepper grows.

“My policeman” is a film about the hardships of legally forbidden love and nothing more. There are no outstanding performances here – I would even say that such a Harry Styles is simply flat, while his colleagues from the set are at best correctly. The story is as simple as possible, not very satisfying and not original. The whole thing looks rather pleasing to the eye, but I still mean that the picture is shot competently, not in any way outstanding. Literally one pass impressed me – when old Patrick looks at Marrion leaning over him, the girl moves away and we see a younger version of her, then the action skips in its entirety into the past. Neatly shot and edited, and at the same time you can add that Patrick has a young Marrion in front of his eyes, because he misses those days. It’s a pity that the entire movie couldn’t be as intriguing as this one scene.

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