“My intimate video became a hit in my work”

“My intimate video became a hit in my work”

“My intimate video became a hit in my work”

* We publish a reader’s letter sent to the editorial office of Damosfera. The name of the heroine is known to the editors of Damosphere.

I come from a small town. I was born there and went to school there. I never had any problems with learning, although it cost me a lot of effort. But I had a purpose for it. I’m not going to be poor like everyone else around me. Our city offered no prospects. There were no large companies, banks, etc., so you could only count on work in one of the many supermarkets or with a good arrangement at school. I could not even count on the work of a clerk, because these positions had been filled for years by the same people or their children when they retired.

I was afraid that I would live with my parents until I died, or at least worry if I would have enough until the first one after paying all the bills. There were constant conversations about this in my house, so I knew what was in store for me. There was no other option, I had to take matters into my own hands. I couldn’t count on a rich husband: I was losing to my other girlfriends because of my looks, and there were no such candidates in our city. I was cramped all day, giving up my social life. I was slowly becoming a savage, completely unfamiliar with people, not to mention my peers. Even though my friends had been seeing boys, dating, etc. for a long time, I was still pretty new to these things.

Eventually, I got into college and moved out of the house. It was not easy, but I graduated with honors, thanks to which I also got this coveted well-paid job. But I was still alone. When someone started to be interested in me, I unconsciously but quickly discouraged them from me. Such a person, after proposing a meeting several times in a row and again hearing an unreliable excuse, naturally took it as a rejection. After a while he just gave up. I also couldn’t accept and thank for compliments. It always seemed to me that there were impure intentions behind them. All this because I was afraid of any close-ups. I still haven’t had any experience with this. Over time, it became more and more problematic for me.

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