Mr. selector, I wonder if you have not mistaken the roles [LIST OTWARTY]

Mr. selector, I wonder if you have not mistaken the roles [LIST OTWARTY]

Mr. selector, I wonder if you have not mistaken the roles [LIST OTWARTY]

Dear Coach, I congratulate you on reaching the 1/8 finals of the World Championships. This is a very good result, where Polish football was last in 1986 – so it is an important event. At the same time, I’m wondering, please don’t be offended, if you didn’t mix up your roles after the match against France. Coach, I kindly ask you to think about what the national football team selector is responsible for, what the journalists supporting the World Cup and what the editors sending them to the World Cup are responsible for – writes Daniel Bednarek, manager of the Sport Interia website.

During the conference after the match against France, when asked by an Interia journalist, Wojciech Górskiwho, according to the play, quoted the words Robert Lewandowski and Piotr Zielinski, asking you to refer to them, adding at the end a request for an answer whether he perceives them as an accusation of previous matches and defensive play, you deigned to make a trip that was, not only in my opinion, completely unnecessary. You said, here – note – I quote, which is an integral part of the journalist’s profession:

“I perceive it completely differently. I wonder, please don’t be offended, that the editorial office sends you to the world championships and you use what others have said, and you are unable, you do not want to ask your question. I will answer it question. No problem, but you are wasting your time having the opportunity to ask your question and build your narrative, and you use the words of Lewandowski and Zieliński. I have the best relationship with these two players and I know that they did not want to harm or harm in any way. me or the team. I haven’t heard it yet, I’m just responding to what you said. I think it would be easier for you to ask your own questions and you’d be more satisfied with the answers.”

Dear coach – I am asking you not to think about the legitimacy of sending specific journalists to the World Cup, especially in a situation where these journalists do their job diligently. It is a sovereign decision and the domain of the editorial office, which has the right to send people it deems suitable to the world championships. This time I will paraphrase the above words, and paraphrasing is also one of the elements of journalistic workshop. I wonder, please don’t be offended, why the Polish Football Association sends a coach to the World Cup who knows perfectly well what his job and his duties are, and wastes time on completely unnecessary trips towards the person asking the question and the editorial office he represents. One of the coach’s duties is to answer journalists’ questions. In this particular case, it was missing and, unfortunately, he does not have satisfaction with the answer to the question of the editor Górski, and neither do the fans of the Polish national team. I think it would be easier for you if you answered the questions asked, even – note – with a quote. I think that then you would also have greater satisfaction from a job well done, and contacts with journalists are part of it.

Dear Coach, journalists do not work for themselves, they are a relay between you and the fans of the national team. They do their job and have the right to ask the selector a difficult, even sometimes uncomfortable question. They don’t always have to build their own narrative, sometimes they combine facts and ask key people, and you are undoubtedly such a person, to evaluate the statements of others. The master has the right to parry or dodge. However, trips to the legitimacy of sending a specific person to the World Cup are completely out of place, especially when you question this legitimacy after asking a completely legitimate question.

Everyone is emotional after the game. I think that you will consider this question calmly and try to give Wojciech Górski and the fans a substantive answer – do you treat the words of Robert Lewandowski and Piotr Zieliński as an accusation of previous matches and defensive play, because the statement that the players did not want to hurt anyone does not seem to be sufficient in this case.

I really hope so, because it’s a simple matter that should be closed right away in the post-match conference.

Daniel Bednarek, Sport Interia service manager

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