More tanks for Ukraine. The agreement was concluded over the phone

As part of the agreement that Golob and Scholz concluded over the phone, Slovenia is to send 28 modernized M55S tanks to Ukraine, and for this it is to receive 40 transport vehicles from Germany, including 35 combat trucks and 5 military water tanks.

The M-55S is a modernized version of the obsolete Soviet T-55 tank, which is equipped with a 105 mm cannon, active armor and an improved fire control system.

Slovenia received the modernized T-55 in 1999. The armed forces of this country had a total of 30 such machines.

“Potential support from Slovenia is not the only good news for Ukraine. The Ukrainian army also acquired several hundred pieces of enemy equipment. The Russian army, fleeing from Kharkiv Oblast, abandoned more than 200 units of military equipment, including tanks“- Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) reported on Sunday.

“The composition of the occupation contingent discusses information about the losses suffered by Russia during the escape,” Ukrainian intelligence wrote. The military has left over 200 pieces of military equipment in the territory of the Kharkiv region, including tanks, infantry vehicles, self-propelled guns and cars. The military say that most of the equipment was left in the Balaklija area at the service base.

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