More problems in Jaworzno. “A block can stand longer”

“On Friday, the work of the inspector of the Office of Technical Inspection began, who, together with specialists from Tauron and Rafako, checks the condition of the 910 MW boiler hopper in Jaworzno. The process has not yet been completed. Following our opinion on this work, we will be able to provide you with further information“- Tauron’s press office informed.

Tauron reported an “emergency overhaul” of the new unit on August 6. At the beginning, he mentioned the need to repair the slag remover. He postponed the start date of the block four times. According to the last notification, the block is to start from Saturday to Sunday night. Will this happen? Our sources close to the contractor warn that this date may be postponed once again. – The block can stand for much longer, even until October Our sources say.

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