Morawiecki announces a new shield. There will be price guarantees for households

– The most important task of the government today is to protect Poles from the consequences of the war, the effects that are spreading all over Europe – said Morawiecki.

– We present a solidarity shield that will help overcome these difficulties. It is to protect Poles against three- and fourfold price increases, stressed the prime minister.

“The government starts with itself,” he said, announcing the suspension of board bonuses in state-owned companies. He was to be ordered in this regard Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin.

– The first point of the solidarity shield is the lack of an increase in energy prices from January 1. We give each household a guaranteed energy price of at least 2,000. kilowatt hours per year. This is a monthly saving for a household of PLN 150 – said Morawiecki.

The Prime Minister added that for families with disabled people, families with three or more children and farms, the energy limit for which a price will be guaranteed will be set at 2.6 thousand. kilowatt hours.

10% reduction in energy consumption next year it will involve a reduction of the bill by an additional 10 percent. – the prime minister promised, stressing that the government wanted to promote energy saving.

– Government and local administration will be obliged to reduce energy consumption by 10 percent. from October 1. We start with ourselves – emphasized Morawiecki.

– The basic feature of this package is solidarity. We showed earlier I pay the minimum wage, which from 2023 net will be more than twice as high as in 2015. We have shown that the fruits of growth must be shared – said the head of government. – We cannot be a country of cheap labor as it was during the PO-PSL rule – he added.

The government will offer support for energy-intensive enterprises in the amount of PLN 5-6 billion this year, said Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda at the same conference.

As he said, the package for energy-intensive people will cover several hundred companies from industries such as metallurgy, production of ceramics, glass and fertilizers. Government support will consist in co-financing electricity and gas purchases, but the condition for the payment of support will be an increase in energy prices for the company by at least 100%.

Buda noted that the appropriate regulation requires notification to the European Commission, but the government hopes that it will happen quickly.

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