Monika Olejnik rocked the wall. Tight creation emphasized her …

Throughout the summer, Monika Olejnik fervently boasted on the Internet that she did not neglect physical exercise during her vacation.

She showed how he trains running in Rome, and also showed how he performs an exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles, i.e. the plank.

Now it has become clear that regular exercise brings spectacular results. Monika Olejnik appeared on the autumn schedule of the TVN station and looked simply dazzling.

The expensive dress emphasized the athletic figure of Monika Olejnik

During the press conference advertising the fall schedule of the TVN station, the journalist introduced photojournalists in the amaranth Herve Leger dress. Tight creation emphasized the trained, perfect figure of the journalist. Of course, you have to pay a lot for such a well-tailored outfit. The cost of creation is about PLN 4,000. zlotys.

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