Monika Mrozowska reads that “every child has another child”. He’s fed up with this! – Super Express

Monika Mrozowska reads that “every child has another child”. He’s fed up with this! – Super Express

Monika Mrozowska gained popularity a dozen or so years ago, when Polsat was broadcasting “Foster family“Although she can be called an actress of one role, fans who have gathered on Instagram have been following her media activities for a long time. The star currently focuses primarily on raising children, which she often talks about in social media. She also shared her maternal experiences in the podcast. “Yes we do”.

Monika Mrozowska reacts to terrible comments! It’s about her children

Monika Mrozowska has three serious relationships to her credit – she had two daughters and two sons with each partner. Envious internet users often criticize the actress for the fact that “every child has another child”, which is not entirely true, and even if that were the case, it is not their business.

– I read about myself that I have each child with another. And I would like to explain that not every child with another – this is first. My daughters have the same father. And this is a comment that is actually made very often – he says.

Monika Mrozowska meant Maciej Szaciłło, whom she married in 2003 (the divorce took place nine years later). The fruits of the actress’s and her husband’s love are their daughters – Karolina (15) and Jagoda (12). In 2012-2018, she was associated with Sebastian Jaworski, with whom she had a son Józef (8 years old). The youngest child of the actress is Lucjan’s son, who was born last year – his father is Maciej Auguścik-Lipka.

In the podcast Monika Mrozowska also talked about the birth of each child. During each delivery, she decided to have a caesarean section. The latter, however, took place in dramatic circumstances – there was a danger of losing one’s life.

– You may bleed so much that you may not even survive. Therefore, a very large amount of blood was prepared, and I had to sign special papers that I was aware that it was a high-risk operation. So I had a feeling, especially after the fourth emperor, that I was a superhero because I made it – we hear.

Serialowa Majka Kwiatkowska (later Potulicka) added that despite the fact that she gave birth to her first child at the age of only 23, she does not regret it, on the contrary, she believes that it was a good thing.


Do you pamper your children?

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