Monika Brodka showed an almost naked photo! Fans are shocked – Super Express

Monika Brodka showed an almost naked photo! Fans are shocked – Super Express

Monika Brodka is one of the most popular vocalists in the country, who became known to the audience in 2003 thanks to the “Idol” program. Brodka won in the third edition of the show. Today it can boast of five studio albums and many awards. At the end of October, her latest album “Sadza” will have its premiere, in which the singer travels to her teenage times. In recent years, Monika Brodka’s life has changed significantly. Not only has it changed its image and musical style, but also ended a long-term relationship. At the beginning of October, Pudelek announced that the star had separated from his fiancé, Przemysław Dzienis. Currently, she creates a relationship with a photographer who is 4 years younger than him, Maksymilian Rudnik.

Monika Brodka showed a naked photo. The tattoo caught the attention of fans

Brodka is actively involved in social media. 185,000 people follow her profile on Instagram. The singer willingly shares with fans people from her private and professional life. Recently, she published a series of photos, including… nude selfies. Brodka stands with his back to the mirror and exposes his buttocks and a large tattoo on his loins. The photo did not appeal to all fans of the singer. Some people started to accuse her of showing a piece of her body to promote her new album. The tattoo itself, the so-called tribal. These types of patterns were extremely popular in the 90s and 2000s, and today they are a symbol of kitsch.

– You have to show some shaving, the album will sell better. What a time

– Sorry, but this tattoo is super rustic. Cheap, no class. And this groove? Unsexy. I’m sorry,

– Pictures interesting, but the village tattoo – they wrote in the comments.

Monika Brodka showed a naked photo
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