Moldova. False bomb alarms. Police findings – possible connection with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Moldova’s capital city of Chisinau was targeted by nine false bomb alarms on Monday. They concerned, among others, hospitals, shopping centers and the country’s main airport, local media reported. As they noted, “the number of false alarms has increased dramatically in recent times in Chisinau.” They indicated that they had come with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to the Chisinau website Stiri, several hours elapsed before the police – alerted by calls from unknown people – checked that no explosives had been planted. At that time, it was necessary to evacuate people from all places where the bombs were supposed to be.

The capital’s Moldovan media has determined that four hospitals, three shopping malls, and the Supreme Court building were the targets of false alarms Moldovaas well as the airport.


Russian provocations?

“The number of false bomb alerts has increased dramatically in Chisinau recently,” noted the Stiri portal, indicating that they had arrived with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In early August, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita revealed that the Moldovan police report showed that false bomb alarms were carried out by people in the territory of Russia and Belarus.

She added that the cabinet she headed had already reported to the authorities of these countries, asking them to take up the fight against the practice that hinders the functioning of Moldovan institutions.

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