“Mobilized Russian soldiers are completely unfit for combat”

Russian soldiers who come to Ukraine as part of mobilization and replenish enemy units there are demotivated and completely unfit for combat; after just two days of their presence at the front, there is drunkenness, fights, quarrels with their superiors and disregard for discipline, informed the Ukrainian journalist Roman Cymbaluk.

Recently, 240 reservists have arrived in Ukraine to compensate for the losses suffered by the 69th independent shield brigade, stationed on a daily basis in the Jewish Autonomous District in the Far East of Russia. Soldiers who have fought in this formation so far complain about the attitude of the newcomers. According to their reports, reservists “get into fights with each other and with other soldiers.” These people “are of no use” – wrote Cymbaluk on Telegram on Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday, the website Armija Inform informed that within 10 days, the Ukrainian project “I want to live” received over 2,000 zlotys. notifications from Russian citizens regarding submission to Ukrainian slavery. Both servicemen of the Russian army and their relatives are calling, wanting their sons or husbands to stay alive – said the spokesman of the project Vitaly Matvyenko.

President Vladimir Putin issued a decree on partial mobilization for war with Ukraine on September 21 and threatened to “use all means” to defend Russia from the alleged threat from the West. According to official reports from the Kremlin, around 300,000 people are to be called to arms. reservists, but according to the independent portal Meduza, mobilization may involve up to 1.2 million men, mainly from outside large cities.

After declaring conscription, tens of thousands of Russians are trying to avoid being drafted into the army and leave the country. People fleeing service in the army try to get through, among others to Finland, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Georgia.

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