Missing water inspection data in the Odra River. “Key Five Days”

– I was surprised to learn that it was only after the environmental catastrophe, which we observe in the Odra River, that the decision was made to monitor the quality of the water on a daily basis – he said today in “Onet Rano.” Tomasz Sekielski.

– Attention, not so everyday – added Urszula Zielińska, chairman of the Green Party.

– I asked the Ministry of Environment and Climate for data on water quality for the last weeks, since everyone knew about the mass death of fish, from July 26. We got data for 28, we don’t have data for the period from July 29 to August 2. The next data starts only on July 3 – she added.

– The key five days. This is the period when activists and experts talked about a very large wave on the Oder, which appeared out of nowhere. The ministry says rainfall in the Czech Republic. Experts say it is too much – said Urszula Zielińska.

– Somehow, we do not have these five days data in the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection. This big question mark. This is either a sign that someone is hiding something or a serious omission – she said.

The chairman of the Greens added that in the final part of the data from the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, which concerns mid-August, it can be seen that “the source of salinity at the level of the Gliwice Canal in Silesia is still active”.

Salinity there it is 11 times higher than at the point which is slightly higher. Something is going on there. Question: what is it? Perhaps someone is still dumping industrial waters into the river – said Zielińska.

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