Misiek Koterski transplanted his hair in Turkey. “Marcelka says it can’t get any worse”

Misiek Koterski late last year he went to a hair transplant Istanbul.

Upon his return, he boasted that the procedure was performed by one of the best Turkish specialists.

It’s been over since the surgery 10 months and one of the clinics made available on YouTube video from Koterski’s expedition for a new hairstyle.

Koterski admitted that the transplant cost three times less than in Poland and he himself was afraid of going to an operation in an Islamic state.

I have colleagues who avoid Islam-professed countries like fire. And it does not matter for them whether it is a more “European” country or an extremely professing Islam he said.

To take the decision to transplant He was persuaded by his beloved, Marcelina Leszczak.

“I am stressed”

I did not pay attention to it, that I am balding, that there are clearances or something somewhere, because I can see myself in front and I cannot see anything. But with such a film or theater light, or in photos from industry events, I look at myself and, damn, I have such pancakes and it is really visible – He said.

I am an actor and I need a natural effect. People watch what I do all the time. I am stressed – he confided in English to the doctor responsible for the transplant.

To ensure the right amount of hair follicles, doctors they had to take a certain number of them from the chin. This was another reason for Miśka’s nerves.

I’m afraid it’s taken from this beard. Marcelka says it can’t get any worse. Marcelka says I look like Baba Yaga with this hair – he confessed.

Paradoxically, I work in a profession where my every move is assessed and I also have a fear: “Damn, how will it turn out and what people will say”. I wish it would come out naturally. And these are the guarantees here, so we’ll see – he said at the end of the movie.

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