Millions in ZUS. We can reach for them. It is enough to remind yourself [Praktyczne porady]

Millions in ZUS. We can reach for them. It is enough to remind yourself [Praktyczne porady]

Money left behind by deceased payers is not lost in ZUS. They are still available to heirs – or at least those transferred from OFE. Moreover, ZUS has to hand them over, but does not have to strive for it. Therefore, it is better that we ask for them! How to get this money back? We explain!


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As part of, inter alia, of the liquidation of Open Pension Funds, the money could be transferred to the Individual Retirement Account or to the Social Insurance Institution. These funds, transferred to ZUS sub-accounts, if they belonged to the deceased payer, may be transferred to the heirs.

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According to the law, the heirs are entitled to money that is deposited on ZUS sub-accounts. Therefore, we should receive them and only last year Poles obtained them in this way PLN 740 million. How was it this year? By August, this amount exceeded PLN 500 million, and although it is a staggering amount, there are still many funds in ZUS!

It is surprising that ZUS is reluctant to inform the relevant people that they can collect funds from the deceased testator. Why is it like that? The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) simply does not have such an obligation, which means that the money can be transferred only when the heir applies for it himself. For this purpose, it is necessary to submit an appropriate application.

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By applying for Fr. measures after the deceasedthat are in arrears on the sub-account at ZUS, we must submit an application, but first of all, we must prove that the funds are in the sub-account. For this purpose, you have to go directly to the ZUS facility where you were insured. Moreover, we must prove our entitlement to the funds from the sub-account. To this end, please submit shortened copy of the death certificateas well as the original (possibly a copy with a certificate of compliance with the original) of the decision on the acquisition of property. Alternatively, you can also use the available registered certificate of succession.

As a rule, there are no specific deadlines when we have to apply for money. In practice, we are entitled to them all the time, so the Social Insurance Institution cannot refuse to return them, provided we meet certain conditions.

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Even when we meet all the conditions for recovering money from ZUS, the office does not have to pay them immediately. In practice, the Social Insurance Institution has three months to make the appropriate payment.

At this point, it is worth noting that the funds received will not be equal to the amount on the sub-account. Why? Although there is no inheritance and donation tax, they are affected by a flat-rate income tax. This is as much as 19%, so ZUS reduces the amount of the payment by this amount.

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