“Millionaires”. Tomasz Orzechowski won a million. Who is she?

“Millionaires” is a program in which participants have the opportunity to test their knowledge. The challenge was also accepted by Tomasz Orzechowski, who started the game on September 14. In the first episode, he made Hubert Urbański amused when he heard a question for PLN 5,000. PLN, which concerned slag. The participant said that he did not like this sport and did not try to find the right answer himself, but relied on the audience.

In the second episode, he had to use two lifebuoys. With a question worth 125,000 PLN called his friend, who helped him to indicate the correct answer. He also used help with the next question. He asked for the last “half and half” lifebuoy and gave the correct answer.

During the last episode with Tomasz Orzechowski, there was a question for a million zlotys, which was as follows:

There were four answers to choose from.

  • A – Franz Liszt of Raiding
  • B – Edward Grieg from Bergen
  • C – Robert Schumann from Zwickau
  • D – Tekla Bądarzewska from Mława

The participant knew the correct answer to this question. He marked the answer D because he knew that the text for the “Virgin’s Prayer” was composed by a Polish woman. In this way, he won a million zlotys.

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“Millionaires”. Who is Tomasz Orzechowski?

Tomasz Orzechowski from Łódź is an accountant. At the beginning of the first episode of “Millionaires” he shared his theory why contestants are eliminated from the game when they are close to winning the grand prize.

It turns out that game shows are not new to him. In 2020, he took part in the program “Va Banque” and managed to appear in eight episodes. He won 64 thousand. PLN and revealed some information about himself.

I am a breakfast master, this is the most important meal of the day, in my opinion. I love doing this. I love getting up early and just doing something from all over the world like Venezuelan arepa. This is such a corn cake that you can put an egg in. Perfect breakfast “- he said in 2020.

After winning the TVP2 game show, he said that he would spend the money on a trip to New York. It turns out that he has still not managed to fulfill this dream. In “Millionaires” he said that he would like to visit this city in the United States and feel its atmosphere.

Photo: screen vod.tvp.pl

Tomasz Orzechowski in the program “Va Banque”

One year after participating in the program led by Przemysław Babiarzhe managed to perform in “1 of 10”. In 2021, he won only 10,000. PLN, but his performance in the program has gone down in history. Tomasz Orzechowski broke the bank and knew the answers to almost all questions. He scored 533 points and probably scored more points, but Tadeusz Sznuk ran out of questions. At one point (at 373 points) the host himself scolded him that he “did not give the competitors a chance”. The man only failed to deal with fashion issues, thanks to which his rivals managed to collect 21 points.

Tomasz Orzechowski in "1 out of 10"

Photo: screen vod.tvp.pl

Tomasz Orzechowski in “1 of 10”

In an interview for spidersweb.pl, he talked about participation in game shows.

“I also hope that I will take part in more than one game show, because it is a good place to deal with stress, and besides, it gives the opportunity to meet people with passion. I recommend such an adventure to everyone” – he said in 2021.

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