“Millionaires”. Are the Hebrides washed away with acetone? Mrs. Magda had a stressful start

From September this year, we have the opportunity to follow the next, 12th edition of the game show beloved by viewers “Millionaires”. In the episode, which premiered on September 28, there was Mrs. Magda, an English philologist by profession, who currently deals with contacts with foreign contractors. The participant heard the first question and only one option seemed likely. The stress, however, made the woman think several times before answering.

“Millionaires”. Hebrides:

  • A. is washed off with acetone
  • B. it is cured with a UV lamp
  • C. are located off the coast of Poland
  • D. are located off the coast of Sweden

The participant admitted that if she watched the game as a spectator, the question would probably seem trivial to her. Sitting in the chair opposite Urbańskibut is no longer sure of anything. Eventually she closed her eyes and asked for the last variant to be marked.

“Millionaires”. What are the Hebrides? We know the correct answer

Fortunately, Mrs. Magda chose the correct answer, because the Hebrides are an archipelago of about 500 islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, along the northwest coast of Scotland. We will see further struggles of the English philologist with questions in the next episode of “Millionaires”.

“Millionaires”. Interesting questions from previous episodes

In the 571st episode of “Millionaires” we had the opportunity to watch Natalia play. A student from Łódź, unfortunately, did not deal with the question about the work of Adam Mickiewicz.

What is Dragon Glass from Game of Thrones? Dominik faced this question in episode 569. He could not give the correct answer.

What is the famous Polish molliner? Marta from Katowice did not know the answer to this question, but decided to take the risk. It didn’t pay off.

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