Milk more expensive than orange juice. How much does it cost?

The ongoing and growing inflation for many months significantly affects the prices of everything, including basic food products on the shelves of Polish stores. This applies, inter alia, to milk. It is becoming more expensive than 100% fruit juices. What is connected with it?

Milk is getting more and more expensive

The topic of the more expensive milk was raised on Twitter by an expert in economics and economic policy – Rafał Mundry. He was surprised by its current price in one of the stores of the popular discount chain. When he looked at it and compared it with the prices of other products, it turned out that dairy products in this case are already more expensive than 100% orange juice. The price of UHT milk 3.2% was PLN 3.49, while the price of juice was PLN 3.32.


Where to allocate money during record inflation?
Where to allocate money during record inflation?
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The economist pointed out that if milk becomes more expensive, soon – in several days or several weeks (depending on the time of the production cycle) – the prices of milk products will also increase, i.e. cheese, yoghurt, cottage cheese, butter, etc. The Twitter post was commented by many people who gave examples of even higher prices and the differences between them in other stores.

How much was the milk more expensive? – GUS data

According to the data of the Central Statistical Office, milk is purchased more expensive in a year by 59 percent, and its prices in shops were raised by 28 percent In turn, the prices of juices increased by 4.9 percent

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