Milik: – I thought I had nothing to lose by going to Juventus

Arkadiusz Milik moved from Olympique Marseille to Juventus in the summer transfer window. In an interview with the portal, the Polish striker betrayed, inter alia, backstage of the transfer and his unrecognized goal in the match against Salernitana.

After Ligue 1 match 3 against Nantes, an agent called me to say that it is a bit specific when it comes to Juventus’ interest in me. He said, “They want you. I’m going to Turin soon – the next day or two days – and we’ll be talking specifically about it. ‘ And from that moment something started to happen. Earlier, when I was close to Juve, Wojtek usually called me and nothing came of it. And now, when it was closest, it was the last one that spoke, so it was good that in the end he didn’t speak. The decision was very quick. I realized that my goal and dream was always to play in a great club. I think Juventus is like that. Since I was a child playing football, I always wanted to play in a great club, and there aren’t many of them – you can count them on the fingers of one or two hands. I figured I wanted to take advantage of it and try it because I really have nothing to lose – said Milik in an interview with Tomasz Włodarczyk.

After the transfer, Milik immediately showed his good side in front of the fans of the Old Lady. In six games, he scored three goals, taking just eight shots. He could have had one more goal if the referees had not made a huge mistake in canceling his correctly scored goal against Salernitana. The attacker did not finish the game itself. Celebrating the shot, he took off his shirt, received a yellow card, and was fired.

Entering the pitch, I visualized myself scoring 3-2 in the end and taking off my jersey. I don’t know why, but I just had something like that in my head. Emotions took over Milik explained.


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