Michniewicz will delete one of the stars of the frame? Surprising opinion of the journalist. “He became a meme footballer again”

After the September training camp of the Polish national team, Czesław Michniewicz certainly has a lot of conclusions. There are no reasons for satisfaction for sure Arkadiusz Milik. Dariusz Tuzimek from “WP Sportowe Fakty” even claims that the Juventus forward may not be in the squad for the World Cup.

The 28-year-old has shown great form in the club in recent weeks, but he has certainly failed in the squad. In the match against the Netherlands, he did not take advantage of the 100% opportunity to score, and other strikers were given a chance against Wales.

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In one of our texts, we presented the biggest winners and losers of the grouping (more HERE). There is no doubt that Milik was in the latter group. Dariusz Tuzimek from “WP Sportowe Fakty” claims similarly.

His situation is worse than it was. On Thursday, he missed the best goal that the team had achieved in the entire game. He has become that meme Milik again who misses mercilessly – he said.

In turn, Michniewicz played against Wales against two strikers, but the latter, next to Robert, was Karol Świderski. Not only that, when in the second half it was necessary to change the goal scorer, not Milik but Krzysztof Piątek entered the field for “Świder”. Milik as if slipped from the position of the number 2 striker to the number 4 – added.

According to the journalist, Arkadiusz Milik may even lack a place in the Polish national team for the next World Cup. Such a decision by Czesław Michniewicz would undoubtedly be a sensation for many.

I will not be surprised if there is not enough space on the plane for the championship for … Arkadiusz Milik, which is shocking because he came to the September training camp in excellent shape as a new Juventus player, and in addition very effective in Serie A – he wrote.

Michniewicz will take three or a maximum of four strikers to the World Cup. It may turn out that Adam Buksa, who has just returned to play after an injury, will go to Qatar at the expense of Milik, and the coach appreciates this player very much. He gives completely different opportunities as a striker than Milik and Świderski, so if he returns to form, the competition for the team for the World Cup will take place – in my opinion – between Piątek and Milik. Because Świderski’s position is now undeniable – finished.

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