Michniewicz is fed up with discussions about the positioning of the staff. Bitter words about Polish football. “Why aren’t we doing this?”

Czesław Michniewicz is fed up with discussions about the Polish national team’s game system. The coach responded to further comments on this matter with a bitter reflection on the state of our football.

In the squad, Michniewicz uses a three-stopwatch setup, which he already used as a Legia coach. Such a tactical scheme does not suit everyone. There are regular opinions that the squad should play in the classic form with four defenders and two wingers.

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For example, Dariusz Dziekanowski spoke very sharply about the selector’s decision. The former Polish representative claims that Michniewicz “sticks to trends without reflection”. We quote his statement HERE.

Michniewicz himself downplays the influence of the positioning on the team’s game. From the words of the selector, it can be felt that he is tired of the debate on this topic.

“Today we are discussing set-up, but not why we are not raising wingers, players who play one-on-one, who can dribble, who can cross.” Why we don’t have a left-back. If the whole world is playing shuttle, why don’t we train them ?! – Michniewicz asked in “Polsat Sport”.

– When we look at the youth teams and league games, nothing interesting appeared there. You have to think about it – added the selector.

The three central defenders, the Polish team, also played against Wales. We present a detailed analysis of this meeting HERE.

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