Michniewicz defends Krychowiak! “He is the best Pole in this position”

Czesław Michniewicz appeared in the program “Gość Wydarzeń” in Polsat News. The coach of the Polish national team talked about the rivals with whom we will play at the World Cup in Qatar. Paradoxically, the doomed Saudi Arabia does not have to be the easiest rival!

– If anyone thinks it will be a smooth win, they are wrong. The Saudis have stopped the league and will play ten sparring matches. They will be well prepared, which is a strong team. I would not ignore them. Argentina is the favorite for the world championship. The step to your satisfaction will be to be promoted from the group. I dream about it – said Michniewicz.

The key issue before starting the championship is choosing the right players. On November 14, the training camp of the team before the World Cup begins, and a few days earlier, we will know the names of those who will choose them.

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