Message for Putin. America’s largest nuclear submarine has set sail

Message for Putin. America’s largest nuclear submarine has set sail

The Ohio-class USS Rhode Island submarine (SSBN 740) arrived on the coast of Gibraltar on November 1. The US Navy emphasizes that such a visit strengthens a strong commitment to supporting European allies.

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The last time a US naval nuclear submarine visited a port in Gibraltar in June 2021 was the USS Alaska (SSBN 732).

– The visit of USS Rhode Island to the port of Gibraltar strengthens our relentless dedication to our allies and partners in the region. The United States and the United Kingdom have a rich history of working together through exercises, operations and activities such as this that strengthen our combined capabilities and partnership, said Captain John Craddock, Commander of Task Force 69.

According to the Italian edition of La Repubblica, the submarine can swim unnoticed under water for many months, but its arrival in Gibraltar is a signal from the United States to Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to some reports, there are between 150 and 200 nuclear warheads on board.

The West is convinced that it is the strength of this submarine that may dissuade Russia from a possible nuclear escalation in Ukraine.

Rhode Island, with its base at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, Georgia, is America’s largest Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine.

These types of ships are flexible in operation and capable of long-term operation in the waters and continuous patrolling. They are a highly effective component of the US nuclear deterrent force.

Assigned to Group 10, Rhode Island is one of the six ballistic missile-equipped submarines at Kings Bay.

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