Mercedes troubles will leave Hamilton to stay longer in F1. And what keeps him awake at night? –

Lewis Hamilton is still very motivated to drive in Formula One – perhaps even more so because of his defeat to Max Verstappen last year, which will keep him in F1 longer than he planned. showed a very interesting conversation with the Mercedes driver. Lewis Hamilton says in it, inter alia, about your willingness to drive in Formula 1.

“As athletes, we are super-determined, we don’t like to lose, we don’t want to fail. It’s never an option, but sometimes it does, it’s part of the whole process. It’s about how you react to it, how you get up, how you take it on your chest and use the experience to gain strength. This is not easy”

Lewis was asked if it was painful for him to see Max Verstappen currently dominating F1.

“I wouldn’t say it hurts, I know it can happen. We would love to be in this fight and wish that all cars in F1 were closer together, closer to the top. I wish there were only tenths of a second between the best, but that’s not the case in this spot. I don’t worry about it, it’s out of my control at the moment, ”replies Lewis, quoted by

“I am worried about it – and therefore do not sleep at night – am I missing something? Who do I need to talk to on the track? How can I support Bono? How can I support Marcus (Dudley, Performance Engineer) and Shov (Andrew Shovlin). How can I help the aero department make better car choices? ” – adds Hamilton.

It turns out that the current problems of Mercedes, which came with the new technical era in Formula 1, have a significant impact on Lewis’s further career in F1. What will stay longer in the series?

“Definitely because it will take more than a year to get out of them. I think if we had won last year and we had won this year, my life would be in a different place, I would be on a different course. Through this difficult phase, I love it even more. We must overcome these adversities in order to be in a place where it will be easier for us. Yes, I’d say all of this prompted me to stay longer, ”says Lewis.

“Additionally, I feel strong fit, I find a way to feel better physically. A mental challenge is a permanent thing and will always be an important aspect here because as athletes we are on the brink. Nowadays, considering where I am in life, I am really grateful for the opportunity I was given to be here. I like to think that I still deserve to be here, ”adds the Englishman.

The Mercedes driver repeats that the most important thing is to try to focus on what we are able to control.

“There are so many human skills, we have communication, a lot of work, processes. It’s like rowing a boat and while we have Toto as the helmsman, we as drivers are part of the team that steers the boat in the right direction, ”says Lewis.

“It takes work, and I wouldn’t want it any different. Honestly, if it were easy, and if each day were simple, it wouldn’t be a challenge. And I love challenges and working with people to face them. We know we haven’t done a great job this year, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to do it in the future. We’ve already shown that we can, ”adds Hamilton.

Lewis knows that all sports series are ending and is looking for examples of motivation in the careers of other athletes, including his friends.

“I get a lot of inspiration from others. Now, seeing Serena Williams, knowing what she had been through, how she got up. She is such a fighter, my inspiration now. It’s about taking time, looking at everything, drawing conclusions and then doing better, ”says Lewis.

It also praises young drivers who have entered the sport in recent years.

“They have so much talent and more to come. I remember when I used to come to F1 and I thought I could beat anyone. I try to work on relationships with them and support them because I was once in their position myself. When you’re in your 20s, you don’t know what you can and can’t, what’s the best way to go. All you have is sheer strength, talent and skill. I’m super excited to see Lando and Charles, these young drivers who give their best. They are many good drivers, ”adds the Mercedes driver.


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