Memory of Elizabeth II. She was a style icon, the quintessence of Britishness. Here is the evidence

The longest reigning monarch in British history, she died on Thursday at the age of 96. Elizabeth II has lived in the spotlight for over 70 years and had to take care of how she looks: always and everywhere. The media, today remembering the Queen of Great Britain, repeats like a mantra that she was an icon of style. This name appears in many headlines. There is also a repeated opinion that the style of Elizabeth II was as integral as her identity. He was steadfast, despite the years that passed. As a result, it is also recognizable and distinctive.

Today, Elizabeth II is also referred to as the essence of Britishness. As the most recognizable British woman in the world, she represented her entire country. So what she wore was also very important. Elizabeth II knew this and just as she was steadfast in her sense of duty to the Crown, so was she faithful to her style.

Naomi Pike in “Elle” writes today: “Her Majesty’s approach to fashion was based on a calm self-confidence and a self-confident concept that prioritized personal style over trends and fashions.

It may not have had the charm of a Hollywood star, nor was it able to change our perception of dress as others did, but Her Majesty’s legacy is a fashion journey that teaches a lesson in unwavering identity integrity.

This is perhaps the best summary of Elizabeth II as a style icon. And what was this style characterized by? What will go down in history with her? Let’s see.

Max Mumby / Indigo / Contributor / Getty Images

This is Elizabeth II’s fashion showpiece: her coats and matching hats will go down in fashion history. They were always the same color and style. But they were never boring stylizations. Sometimes hats were decorated with ribbons, flowers, feathers or, as in this photo, decorative buttons.

Coats and matching hatsMax Mumby / Indigo / Contributor / Getty Images

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