Meghan Markle’s tears at the queen’s funeral were not real? This recording does not put her in a good light

Meghan Markle she repeatedly emphasized in interviews that she received the character very well the queen Elizabeth II. Wife Prince Harry she even admitted that the deceased monarch was for her the archetype of a beloved grandmother. At the funeral of the head of the British royal family, it was also noticeable that the American was very moved by the farewell of her husband’s grandmother. However, not everyone believes in the sincerity of her feelings.

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Meghan Markle feigned sadness at the funeral of Elizabeth II? Experts have no doubts

Soon after the publication of the photo with the image of tearful Meghan Markle, unfavorable comments appeared on the web. Twitter users recalled an interview from 2014 in which actress she admitted that crying on call is no challenge for her and that she can bring herself to tears in a few seconds.

Can you cry on command? the journalist asked her.

Oh yes, I can do it very well. It’s crazy, one tear from the left eye, for now – we hear in the recording.

In that cry Meghan Markle on funeral the queen was genuine, and so was the body language specialist Adrianne Carter. In an interview with the Daily Star, the expert admitted that it is difficult to say whether Meghan’s tears were real sadness or not. She also adds that the actress known from “Suits” certainly knew that such an emotional reaction would be noticed and photographed. This sentence is shared by TV presenter Karl Stefanovic. It should be mentioned, however, that the man is known for his dislike of the American.

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