Meghan Markle will make a political career? What will he do?

Meghan Markle quit her acting career a few years ago and entered the ranks of the royal family. However, he and Harry resigned from their positions, and the Duchess of Sussex is currently caring for two children. What kind of career does her royal biographer predict?

Meghan Markle a few years ago she joined royal familyin which she and her husband did not stay warm for a long time. After four years in London, they decided to resign from their functions in the monarchy. At first, they did not reveal the real reasons for this decision, but a year after moving to the US, they gave a candid interview to Oprah Winfrey, where the prince admitted that he did not have the best relationship with his father and brother, and Meghan, due to the pressure that came with them, even thought suicidal.

In the United States, they lead a completely different life and do not have to fulfill their responsibilities. They have been living on their own account for over two years, but they are constantly involved in important social matters, and have even established their own foundation.

Meghan Markle starts a political career?

Meghan and Harry raise two children together, but try to keep them away from the spotlight. However, they themselves do not avoid official exits, and a few weeks ago they appeared at the United Nations in New York. They were there for International Nelson Mandela Day, and Harry gave a speech about worrying climate change.

It is known that Harry has long supported all organizations that call loudly to stop the progressive degradation of the environment, and hence climate change. Meghan, on the other hand, fights for equality and human rights from an early age. No wonder the experts royal family augurs her career in politics.

Tom Bower, who recently published the book Meghan, Harry and the War between the Windsors he is sure that the Duchess of Sussex wants to find a seat for herself in the US Congress in the future. She says she’s just waiting for her kids to grow up a bit.

I think she likes to play political roles. I believe that he is waiting with this decision until he sends the children to school and begins to build a foundation for political activity. She is a beautiful, well-groomed woman, outspoken and based on her history, she has a lot to say about parental rights. Much worse people sat in congress, so she has quite a good chance, Tom Bower said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

The royal biographer also sees some problems that could stand in the way of Harry’s wife’s political career.

The Duchess’s problem is complex. First of all, congress does not earn much, and Meghan needs a lot of money to live, and secondly, she is probably too emotional to survive heavy political fights. Although she knows how to be tough and insensitive to some, let’s see – she has a hard time sue even people who attack her, for example in the UK – said Tom Bower.

Would you see Meghan in politics?

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