Meeting of the heads of MFA of the G7 countries. An important declaration was made on Ukraine

Meeting of the heads of MFA of the G7 countries. An important declaration was made on Ukraine

The two-day ministerial meeting which started on Thursday is held in German Monastirswhere the Treaty of Westphalia was signed in 1648, ending the Thirty Years’ War.

Help for Ukraine

The main topic of the deliberations of the heads of diplomacy will be aid for Ukraine, in which rocket attacks destroyed nearly 40 percent. energy infrastructure. The ministers will also talk about the situation in China after the strengthening of the position of its leader Xi Jinpingwho secured his third term as Secretary General of the Communist Party of China (CCP). The discussions will also concern the authorities Iranwhich are supplied by drones and missiles to Russia, and at the same time brutally suppress demonstrations that have been going on since mid-September.

Opening the debate Baerbock She pointed out that Russia has destroyed Ukraine’s energy infrastructure to such an extent that there is no electricity not only in schools and hospitals, but also in waterworks that are unable to pump water.

Germany they have already shipped over 100 generators to Ukraine, they will also supply heat pumps, heaters, beds, blankets and tents – she said Baerbock. She stressed that the G7 countries would provide assistance to Ukraine in a coordinated manner.

Regarding China, we will talk about how to prevent repeating old mistakes – the ones we made in our policy towards Russia The German announced minister.

Head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell told reporters that due to the coming winter and the devastation on Ukraine “now more than ever, we must support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, it is our moral duty.”

Scholz’s controversial visit to China

The participants of the meeting will probably raise the issue of the German chancellor’s travels Olaf Scholz to China in the company of German entrepreneurs and his controversial decision regarding the investment of the Chinese company Cosco in the port terminal in Hamburg.

Scholz has been criticized over his China policy for prioritizing German economic interests over more serious security issues, comments Reuters.

Germany invited representatives of Ghana, Kenya and the African Union to participate in the G7 discussions in Monastir on democracy, climate change, infrastructure, and humanitarian conflicts and crises.

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