Media: Moscow wants a ceasefire to gain time and attack in 2023

The independent portal Meduza as well as Latin American media claim that the Kremlin is seeking a ceasefire with Ukraine. According to these publications, the Russian authorities want to gain time and prepare for another attack in early 2023. According to Mykhailo Podolak, adviser to the president of Ukraine, the authorities in Kiev are not planning to talk to Vladimir Putin. – What does the ceasefire give Ukraine according to the Russian scenario? – asked Podolak, quoted by one of the portals.

Russian officials are increasingly saying that Moscow is ready to return to the negotiating table with Ukraine or with Western countries, writes the independent portal Meduza, citing sources close to the Russian authorities. According to these sources, the Kremlin would like to agree a ceasefire as part of the negotiations, rather than sign a peace treaty. According to the described “Kremlin plan”, the ceasefire could be established by the Russian and Ukrainian military without involving the heads of both countries.

Sources close to the Kremlin claim that the Russian authorities are ready to withdraw troops from at least part of the occupied territory of the Kherson Oblast in order to bring about a ceasefire. “Keeping Kherson is very difficult now, and the withdrawal of troops from the oblast can be done as a gesture of goodwill and a gesture towards Ukraine,” said the service’s interlocutor.

Russia wants to attack again in 2023

As we read, the Kremlin is trying to “influence the Western leaders” and the president Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan to “persuade” Ukraine to return to negotiations. During these talks, representatives Russia are to argue that “civilian casualties must be prevented.” Medusa points out that this is taking place against the background of the recent massive rocket fires in Ukrainian cities.

Russian soldiersALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO / Reuters / Forum

However, Putin does not intend to give up continuing the war, the sources say, and the Russian authorities hope that a possible ceasefire could be used to prepare for a new offensive. Putin is to believe that at that time the Russian army would be able to prepare the recently mobilized soldiers and at least partially make up for the equipment losses. Medusa sources say that according to the Kremlin’s plan, a “new full-blown attack” could begin around February-March 2023.

Putin wants to gain time

The influential Latin American portal INFOBAE, also citing “well-informed” Moscow sources, has reached similar findings. “Putin does not intend to end the war in this way, but on the contrary is trying to reach an agreement on a ceasefire in order to gain time,” journalists write.

Russian President Vladimir PutinPAP / EPA / GAVRIIL GRIGOROV / SPUTNIK / KREMLIN

Putin’s statements (in Astana) give the impression, wrote the INFOBAE commentator, that at a time when the war has been going on for almost eight months, and in the last three weeks, Ukrainian troops have made serious progress, while Russia is suffering severe defeats, the Kremlin is only trying to gain time and bring about a temporary ceasefire.

Ukraine does not want to talk to Putin

As the portal points out, Kiev’s position on the impossibility of returning to negotiations with Putin remains unchanged. – What does the armistice give to Ukraine according to the Russian scenario? – asked Mykhailo Podolak, advisor to the president of Ukraine.

– The approval of the de facto new demarcation line and the hasty entrenchment by the Russians in the temporarily occupied territories? Does anyone really think we’ll agree to this? Especially against the background of the counteroffensive – he added.

Main photo source: ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO / Reuters / Forum