Mateusz Ponitka will change the club right after EuroBasket ?! Two big clubs on standby

Mateusz Ponitka confirmed his excellent form in the match he won against Slovenia in the 1/4 final of the EuroBasket. This means that the captain of the Polish national team in basketball is interested in strong clubs, including Virtus Bologna, as well as Anadolu Efes Istanbul and Bayern Munich – claims “Onet”.

The Polish national team in basketball is currently on top, not only on the Vistula River, but also abroad. We are dealing with a team that sensationally eliminated the defenders of the title, the Slovenes, from EuroBasket.

Thanks to this, Igor Miličić’s players reported in the semifinals of the tournament and on Friday they will face the favored France.

In the background, however, a lot is said about one of the main fathers of this success, i.e. the captain of the Polish national team, Mateusz Ponitka. The 29-year-old did a great job in the last game and is causing a lot of excitement in the transfer market.

Currently, he has an important contract with the Italian Pallacanestro Reggiana, but there is a clause in it that amounts to only 25,000 euros. This amount is not a major problem for many of the above-ranked teams.

Therefore, it can be expected that after the tournament is over, Ponitka will look for a new challenge for herself. Another advantage is the fact that one of the best basketball players in the world, i.e. Luka Donć, spoke about him in superlatives. The Slovene praised our representative right after the quarter-final match.

– He had an amazing match, but I’m not surprised because I have played against him several times in the past. He’s a great basketball player and a fantastic team leader. I’m not a manager, but Ponitka is probably a player worthy of appearing in the NBA – he admitted.

After this statement, many began to count on the fact that the 29-year-old would go to the best basketball league in the world, i.e. the aforementioned NBA, and thus join another Pole, Jeremy Sochan. However, the chances for this moment are not big.

Moving to a stronger European club seems much more likely.

Despite the fact that EuroBasket is still going on, the first volunteers are slowly applying. According to the information provided by and Francesco Pioppi, Virtus Bologna is willing to recruit a Polish representative.

This team, like Pallacanestro Reggiana, is a representative of the Italian top league, but more appreciated. We are dealing with the winner of the previous edition of EuroCup games – the equivalent of the Europa League.

“Onet” claims, however, that the desire to bring the Pole is shown by two representatives of the basketball EuroLeague (the equivalent of the basketball Champions League), ie the German Bayern Munich and the defender of the title, Turkish Anadolu Efes Istanbul.

For now, however, Ponitka is focusing on Friday’s EuroBasket semi-final, and in it Poland will play with France. Beginning at 17:15. Broadcast on TVP 1.

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