Mateusz Gessler has no contact with Lara’s son. He pointed out why

Mateusz Gessler has no contact with Lara’s son. He pointed out why

Mateusz Gessler is the cousin of Lara Gessler. Unfortunately, there is no contact with her youngest son. He explained why this is so.

Mateusz Gessler is one of the most recognized restaurateurs in the country. He inherited his talent from his dad, Adam. Other famous cooks in the Gessler family include his aunt – Magda and a cousin – Lara. The latter has recently given birth to a second child. Bernard Gessler-Szelągbecause that is the name of the boy, he is the apple of the eye for the whole family.

Every now and then he is visited by his grandmother, Magda, and Lara’s brother, Tadeusz Muller. Some time ago, the whole family met in the villa of the star Kitchen revolution in Łomianki. The relatives not only got to know Bernard better, but also celebrated the birthday of Lara’s daughter, Neny. The proud Magda then reported on her profile in social media:

Nena !!! Second birthday … was happening all over the house. It is wonderful when we all meet from my little granddaughter Benia … all dogs … all children and grandfather and great-grandfather were also there … nice, cheerful cauldron‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️ I adore / mother and grandmother.

The reporter Jastrząb Post had a chance to talk to Mateusz a few days ago. She asked him what his uncle was.

Mateusz Gessler did not recognize the son of Lara Gessler. Why?

As it turns out, Mateusz, due to the multitude of professional duties, very rarely see my cousin and her children. They call each other from time to time.

Unfortunately absent. She works, I work. It’s hard for us to meet, but I’m rooting for her. We call each other, we talk. I know it’s hard with one child, and with two it’s at all.

Unfortunately, he also did not have the opportunity to meet Bernard.

Not yet. This is how it is. We are very busy, this is the time when we have a lot of work to do.

We trust that Mateusz, after completing the work on Hell’s kitchen will have a chance to rest for a while and meet the youngest relative.

You are fans of Mateusz Gessler and the rest of the members clan Gesslers?

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