Mass Effect 5 on a new teaser

Mass Effect 5 on a new teaser

BioWare celebrates N7 Day, an annual celebration initiated by fans Mass Effect. Therefore, a short teaser of the upcoming installment of the series has been published. According to the developers, the material is to be filled with clues that are waiting to be discovered.

The whole shows an almost static image in which we see the mass relay being rebuilt (interestingly, it was shown for the first time two years ago). The original constructions were created in ancient times and allowed for the rapid travel of ships between specific points in the galaxy. Their fate, however, was sealed in the ending Mass Effecta 3 (We will not reveal more to avoid spoilers).

The fact that we are just seeing new ground relays clearly indicates that Mass Effect 5 will happen in the Milky Way after the events of the original trilogy. This is also true entry posted on the official website of the series.

The BioWare team, made up of series veterans Mass Effect, as well as amazing new developers, is constantly growing! He works hard to create new characters and places you will love and recreate the ones you remember.

The sound of the teaser is interesting. The whole thing is distorted, as if the file was damaged. So it is possible that this is where the secret is hidden, the discoveries of which are encouraged by the developers. We will probably find out about it soon, when someone manages to decode the riddle.

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