Mass collection of Polish passports? Shock therapy for Russians

Mass collection of Polish passports? Shock therapy for Russians

Kamil Hynek, Interia: The echoes of allowing Russians with Polish passports to compete in the Polish league are still echoing. In my last column, I even wrote dogs bark, and the Russians continue to eat.

Adam Jaźwiecki, a well-known journalist and speedway columnist: Therefore, it is necessary to end the distribution of Polish citizenship to the left right. But that doesn’t just apply to the slag. The first high-profile name to receive the “eagle” document was Emanuel Olisadebe. Then the avalanche started, we threw our passport on the production line.

There were more dyed foxes. The team of Franciszek Smuda at Euro 2012 was full of them.

– Exactly, and this has nothing to do with love for our country. The guests probably didn’t even know the words of the Polish anthem. For years, I have watched as successive changing authorities and institutions issued citizenships to athletes, because we had our own interests in it. We wanted successes, medals, and that was the only reason this someone played for us. I have never been a supporter of this practice. They come from Podkarpacie, I am a patriot and for me attachment to national colors, love for the country is of paramount importance.

Czesław Michniewicz will take, for example, Matty Cash, brought up in the British Isles, to the World Cup in Qatar.

– I understand that my mother or father have Polish roots, but I am against waving a Polish passport for free. If we value our country, we should implement some hard requirements. For example, you don’t know the Polish language, we hang a no-entry sign.

We’ll do a lot of things under the table now. A wide back is enough.

– And with this neat accent we got to the slag.

This was not my intention.

– Under no circumstances can there be such situations as in speedway, that there is a strong Wrocław-Toruń lobby that plays some driving games in front of our eyes. I have been a reviewer of this sport for several decades and I will not look for any excuses for this type of behavior, it upsets me and that’s it.

Everyone can guess who it is. Anyway, you’ve already uncovered the quilt a bit.

– I do not want to go into details, as some people dug to remove the ban on the Russians at all costs. There is a center in the capital of Lower Silesia, which has a lot of money, and a high-ranking activist did not disclose it directly, but ordered expensive expert opinions, opinions from high-ranking professors, with the former minister of justice at the forefront, just to find a legal loophole enabling the former master to return. the world. It is a disgrace to me and I hate it.

Fast vs. Zmarzlik lands like Captain Crow. VIDEO/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

– Before you called, I was reading the latest news from the world. Can you believe that the Russians are still leveling the country of our eastern neighbors? How is this conflict still escalating and gaining momentum? What do they want to do next, what are their goals? The rule of power has taken away from one psychopath who is fixated on destroying the good of this world by slaughtering another nation, civilians. He tramples them into the ground, he counts no one and sport in this story cannot be indifferent to any latitude.

You don’t have to explain this to me.

– Forty percent of Ukrainian infrastructure was destroyed, went up in smoke. However, I have not heard any information that those people who are in Poland would in any way help or support the victims, the families of the victims. It is terrifying, and the vision of freeing the Russians and the points they were gaining broke the moral spine and launched the ability of common sense thinking into space.

The Polish environment is already strongly divided. You will not convince avid supporters of unblocking the Russians, even if you stood on your head and clapped your ears.

– I do not care. It’s all about human life, an attempt to understand justice, harm, tragedies that are happening right behind our backs. Meanwhile, these gentlemen are looking for roads and stepping out of their skin so that their leaders can legally race again. And now you will juxtapose these halves of an apple, what is the vanity of these units. They testify to themselves by this rushing over the corpses to their destination. Really, it would be better if some of the money invested in lawyers was allocated to helping the families of the victims of this massacre. It would be a really beautiful gesture on their part.

I can see that the Russian aggression against Ukraine triggers a lot of emotions in you.

– I find it hard to come to terms with her. I would take such Łaguta and Sajfutdinow into the fire of the fight, where the rockets fall, and then asked if they were aware of how many innocent people, including mothers with tiny children, were consumed by the war initiated by their compatriot. I admire both boys very much for their riding skills, but while they will compete again on Polish tracks with a smile on their faces, we and the Ukrainians are free to watch the counter of casualties, relatively close to us, beats further?

Your beliefs are close to those of Jan Krzystyniak and Wojciech Żabiałowicz. They speak in a similar vein about the opening of the gate to Russians with Polish passports.

– Yes, I definitely share the view of our former great players. This duo has radically commented on the possible admission of Russians to ride, that they are no longer interested in speedway and are boycotting matches where Russians with such a pedigree will appear. There is no apology during the war. If there is fault, there must be punishment.

Do you have any medicine how to “heal” the matter with the Russians?

– Let’s try to reverse the trend. Just as it was easy for us to issue Polish citizenship for absolutely mercantile and trivial purposes, let us now have the civil courage to collect passports already issued to foreigners, with an emphasis on the Russians. It would shock the environment, but perhaps such therapy is needed. There was already a friend who wanted to change the flag. So he went with the “captured” woman to the registry office only to get a marriage certificate. When they broke up at the exit on the stairs, he did not see her. And the Danes? To this day, they are as shocked as their star – Hans Nielsen received one of the highest Polish decorations – the Knight’s Cross from the then President of the Republic of Poland – Aleksander Kwasniewski. The famous professor from Oxford was not so appreciated even at home.

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