Maryla Rodowicz will not get money after the divorce? There is a court decision regarding a new division of assets – Super Express

Initially, the patrons led to a pre-trial settlement, which showed that Maryla and Andrzej would divorce quickly and without being guilty, and the artist would receive about 18,000 a month. PLN “salary”. However, nothing came of it.

There was no settlement before the court

Maryla did not appear in court, hired a new lawyer and decided to fight for divorce through the fault of Andrzej. She also demanded alimony in the amount of over 20,000. PLN monthly The case dragged on for two years, the housekeeper, children of the star – Katarzyna and Jan Jasiński (from the relationship with the director Krzysztof Jasiński), neighbors from Konstancin, and even Maria Szabłowska were interrogated.

Ultimately the judge pronounced the divorce on the grounds of both spouses and thus deprived Maryla of any chances for alimony. The star appealed against the verdict, but the court did not change the task. The divorce handle was granted, but the artist did not give up her arms and went to the next court to fight for the annulment of the division of the property before the separation. The document was created seven years ago by a notary, Maryla then took over a villa in Konstancin worth min. PLN 10 million, two apartments for older children, and the father gave the younger son the apartment. Dużyński at the time, he was nervous that his wife had begun demanding half of his profit-making businesses before even knowing them. She claimed he had a name on her.

Action for a new division of property

Again, a lot of witnesses were called, including experts and a notary who remembered almost every minute of the meeting with the singer. And as we managed to find out, recently the appellate court finally decided that the lawsuit Maryla rejects the redistribution of property. It orders to divide what has not been included in the intercourse – a plot of land in Masuria and movable property in the form of works of art, furniture, porcelain and valuables. It is not known how and when this will happen. The final division of property marks the final end of the legal war for money and perhaps the normalization of relations between conflicting ex-spouses.

Her concerts are left

Maryla herself shook off all the negative vicissitudes of life, took care of her health – she had knee surgery. She has also lost almost 20 kg of excess weight, plays concerts – she announced another one in February 2023 great tour after Poland. And it has a star rate on the program “The Voice Senior”.

In this metamorphosis Her three children cheer for her, the most important is her daughter Katarzyna, who has been a fan of yoga, living in nature and healthy eating for several years. Thanks to her, Maryla, reconciled with her fate, looks to the future with hope.


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