Martyna Grajber in a skimpy outfit exposes her bust. Courageous photo ignites

On Wednesday, in the Atlas Arena in Łódź, Biało-Czerwony faced the Americans. The winners of the Olympic tournament in Tokyo were helpless against the Polish women. – This is something that may never happen again in life – said the captain of the Polish national team, Joanna Wołosz, after the match. With the win, the Polish women opened the door to promotion to the top eight in the championship.

Polish women are delighted after the victory over the Americans. “It may never happen again in life”

Martyna Grajber is tempting in a skimpy outfit

Martyna Grajber was not among the players appointed by Stefano Lavarini. – I did not have any contact with the coach or any of the staff. For every athlete, these emotions are similar. None of us jump for joy when we do not see our name on the vocation list. I certainly felt sad at the beginning – the volleyball player admitted in an interview with TVP Sport.