Marianna Schreiber knocks on PiS’s door. “My scales have fallen”

Marianna Schreiber knocks on PiS’s door.  “My scales have fallen”

Marianna Schreiber knocks on PiS’s door. “My scales have fallen”

Has become! Marianna Schreiber published a long-awaited protest song in which she referred to the political situation in Poland.

Hopefully we can avoid lawsuits – Schreiber wrote a few days ago on Instagram, announcing the premiere of the song “Przystanek Sejm”.

In her latest work, Marianna Schreiber scores points with the accuracy of a sniper – at least she thinks so. In the text “Przystanek Sejm” he directly says that he embarrasses the rulers. He also refers to PiS’s ill-considered decisions regarding social policy.

Marianna Schreiber – “Sejm Stop”. Text

I sit and cry, my freedom was taken away
I don’t have a voice anymore, I’m timidly looking for it
The choice of freedom – does not equal at all
Honor with dignity – everything was taken from me

And I have no regrets, I have no influence on it
I fought with the shield, Poland is not the same
they will burden me with baggage – like every Pole

In Poland, I sailed through deep waters
Someone was shouting at me, I peeked out
Or maybe a glass of clean
You have to drink it clean

Getting ashore sober – probably impossible
Pathopoliticians are waiting around the corner
God something Poland – no, I can’t anymore
You carry me limp into the world of politics

Jesus what a mess
I think silently

there are problems with education,
Another got drunk on amen,
Not the one in the bag
Kaczyński, a leftist, makes him write a will.

They took water in their mouths, like the cloudy one in which I swim
You carry me through another door and I get rid of my face
Everyone mocks here, and 50 two thousand
isn’t it the end of the world?
climatic annihilation – not only in Poland
My scales are falling
hearing the cry over the constitution
On my knees here and there
others fight prostitution
Hołownia throws an intelligent text

Smoked three cigarettes, doesn’t know what work is
His head turns from socialism
With vodka, he drinks sad days while pushing a cart
An unclothed child cries,
punish the patolka – not otherwise!

Dad and mom are going skiing
Brother in torn shoes
They choose another car in the showroom
They laugh in the face of children
The hand of this in the office is given for hajs

And that’s just the Left, stuffing here, giving out there
Żukowska confuses a child with a dog
my word…

You don’t have the strength to lift me anymore
Are you looking for help in konfa,
It’s also a different league
One type something about fucking, small children says a lot
The latter wants to throw people out of Ukraine
but the vision of wealth captivated me

They are looking for freedom, not where they need it
5 Mentzen: We don’t need Jews
We don’t want Jews, gays, abortions
Taxes and the European Union
That’s what Menzen said

Hey, hey wait, let’s go back in time
Let me remind you what has already happened

The fourteenth year pushed the pack down
I remember so many years ago I was holding my mother under my arm
She went to the store to buy me beaten eggs
It was so prosperous at the time that you could barely earn it
Truly I tell you – I do not want war – I want peace
I already feel the pain in my back.


They gave one rape pill at the party, took away, sold
And this laughter at the convention can be heard from a distance

And so from the Left
you carry that tail
you’re trying to go green
I’m dying on the grass
I might be here!

The river bordering bad algae bloomed there
What did they do for the animals? maybe they thought it was the Vistula
segregation is associated, 6 colorful buckets like these parties
Are they or aren’t they? The mountain of garbage is already green from oblivion
They planted new trees, as my father used to say:
Beget a son, build a house, plant a tree
Do nothing for Poland?

Kosiniak from Agro is fraternizing with vodka
I’m joking people – but the alliance is serious ooo

I am already withering and fainting, as in Tetmajer’s inflection
A fisherman is looking for help, he opens another door
Wish someone was there
There are the Righteous and Just – shamed by me
Not always proud – sometimes pissed off
80 billion a year for social policy
People do not want to do it, having children is also not a special desire
How to take care of natural growth
Every mother probably knows
The only question is who wants it

Another father runs away from sick children
single mothers cry – I’ve known them, they won’t forgive
Libki urges abortion on demand
40 weeks pregnant – a burden for her
They don’t want to compromise, it was better than before 21, right?

Equality for all women?
Not true – not for the minister.
They will share bread on Christmas
The lefty will tell you
then he will read the Word of God

You cannot turn the Vistula with the stick
And you can’t pour from an empty one
There, behind the door, I heard
twitter priest is laughing at me
There is no money and there will be no money
Schetyna said so
It reminds me of something

The impoverished cities remained
The hands of their community have never defiled
The eyes denied the insect nets
Origami of their skirmishes – surrounded by journalists
With their own, they extended women’s work
sentenced to 67
36 ziko raises were throwing
like scraps for a poor dog from the kennel of imbecile owners

One member only pays debts to one another
they hurt themselves, he says
– at zero percent, the parties were brought in faster,
Than MMA entered the market mocked
But they go backward,
Laughable voting machines

Parliament Station. Marianna Schreiber has published another song

“Przystanek Sejm” is Marianna Schreiber’s third single. Developing her musical career, the leader of the party I’ve had enough follows in the footsteps of the greatest Polish frontmen who had the courage to express their dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities from the stage.

Forget punk, rock and classic rap. Marianna creates her own musical genre, which she apparently intends to use in the fight for voters’ recognition. Her lyrics are clear, the background music is strong, and the scenography in music videos is not accidental.

Not so long ago, Schreiber surprised Internet users by swinging on a beater in the clip for “Political Drama”. Now she has gone a step further. Marianna Schreiber’s latest clip seems less spontaneous, more refined and, above all, expensive. The leader of the Mam Enough party invested in a mermaid costume, invited Marcin Najman to the project and took care of renting a school room.

Marcin Najman appears in the clip as a concerned angler who, for unknown reasons, takes the mermaid-Schreiber to the Sejm. There, however, all doors are closed to them.

Marianna Schreiber knocks on PiS’s door.  “My scales have fallen”

photo: Screen/Youtube: Marianna Schreiber


photo: Screen/Youtube: Marianna Schreiber


photo: Screen/Youtube: Marianna Schreiber


photo: Screen/Youtube: Marianna Schreiber


photo: Screen/Youtube: Marianna Schreiber

Sources: RadioZET.pl/Youtube: Marianna Schreiber


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