Margaret can’t … scream. Why? Surprising confession

Margaret has a problem with doing mundane activities. It is quite a problem for her. She was even at the psychologist’s with it.

Margaret debuted with a hit Thank you very much. Since then, she has released five studio albums and a ton of singles. Recently, an excerpt from the book has been published in the media Cuckolds. Women who embody feminism Karolina Sulej, in which the pop singer shared a shocking confession. As it turns out, she was raped as a little girl.

I was raped. As a ten-year-old girl – she confessed.

Sulej did not include most of her memories Margaret in the book because they were too painful.

They are too painful, too personal. But what emerges from this story, framed by enormous suffering, loneliness and guilt, is, above all, strength. Gosia emphasizes that this event – for many years she has overlooked in various types of interviews – shaped her. All her decisions begin to take on new meanings in the context of childhood trauma – she pointed out.

The singer added that her entire career was a way to “pat wounds”.

I would like to detach myself from my dramatic experiences and live. You see, sometimes having a problem is addictive. I got used to living in combat mode (…). Today I know that my whole career was wound patting, I wanted to show my impeccability – she explained.

The singer does not hide that after such traumatic experiences she fell into depression many times and had to use therapy. Fortunately, she’s doing better now. At the same time, she is more active on the music scene.

Margaret has a problem with doing mundane activities

Super Express today announced that the 31-year-old took part in a radio play Let them hear it. She plays the role of a kidnapped artist. While most of the recordings weren’t a problem, it turned out over time she cannot… scream.

Screaming is the most difficult for me. I just can’t scream. Even my psychologist tried to teach me that… I have something about expressing aggression, something is blocking me. I don’t like screaming at all, I don’t like my timbre when I have to raise my voice – she explained in an interview with tabloid journalists.

Have you ever met your friends with a similar problem?

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