Marek Papszun: I don’t think I’m the only one who puts Slavia as my favorite

At the press conference before the match against Slavia on Thursday, Raków’s coach assessed the chance of his team for promotion, indicated the favorite and indicated Raków’s strengths.

Marek Papszun: I don't think I'm the only one who puts Slavia as my favorite

Marek Papszun made the following statement:

– We are not a favorite in this tie, but we will fight to enter the group stage. It would be a huge success for the club and the city. Compared to last year and the tie against Gent, we made progress. We’re a better team now. Not only through transfers, but primarily through the development of the players who have been in the team for a long time and the experience gained, those from previous qualifying rounds, but also more. We fought for the championship last season. We also won the Polish Cup. We played a lot of important games. I believe it will pay off.


– I don’t think I’m the only one choosing Slavia as a favorite. The situation is clear. However, we have shown many times that the pitch is verifying. He showed it, for example last season and battles with Lech or Legia, where a few years ago no one thought that Raków could win in such matches. We feel very comfortable in this role. We are prepared for the fact that we can dominate this match and that it may be the other way around. The team is ready for various scenarios during the match. This is our strength. Regardless of whether we are the favorites or not, we are always well prepared for the game.

Rakow’s coach also referred to the postponement of the league match this weekend:

– In the case of the match against Slavia, time can help us a lot, because we do not play the league match at the weekend. Thanks to this, we can not only rest, but also better prepare for the rematch, which may be a decisive match.



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