Marcin Prokop on separating him from Dorota Wellman in DDTVN

Marcin Prokop on separating him from Dorota Wellman in DDTVN

Marcin Prokop did not intend to remain silent any longer. He blasted the truth about his separation from Dorota Wellman in Good morning TVN.

Marcin Prokop and Dorota Wellman they started working together during the times of Polish Television. We could watch them in Question on breakfast. When they switched to TVN, the producers decided not to separate them, because journalists got along very well. Today we can watch them in Good morning TVN. Dorota spoke of their cooperation as follows:

As our boss once said, I am here to secure the area, that is, I am the person who has to unload it all and transform all amazing ideas to our advantage. I will not say that I live in full readiness, but I know that you can expect anything from him – she confessed. And she added, “We’re both not normal, and I have to tone it up sometimes.” It’s like a naughty child, sometimes you have to hold the hand. But I love Marcin’s madness, thanks to which this program is alive.

As it turns out, there was a time when the cooperation of Marcin and Dorota was a big question mark.

Marcin Prokop revealed the truth about his separation from Dorota Wellman

In an interview for Dziendobry.tvn.pl, Marcin allowed himself to be honest, revealing that at some point the producers wanted to separate him from his friend.

I remember at the very beginning they tried to separate us from Dorothy Wellman. Even though we came as a couple, there were various attempts to connect us with other partners. These attempts failed. After looking at all the tapes, it turned out that we fit together best. And for 25 years we have been together and nothing will separate us – he said.

He added that he was tried on for performances with Magda Mołek and Jolanta Pieńkowska.

I had photos of Magda Mołek and Jola Pieńkowska. They are both fantastic journalists and we like each other very much, but then we knew little of each other and there was a bit of chemistry on the screen – he explained.

At the end of this thread, he praised Dorota, saying that he was friends with her even before they started appearing together on television.

All my best TV relationships were built outside of TV first. We were friends with Dorota before we started working together in front of the camera – he confessed.

You can imagine DDTVN without Prokop and Wellman?

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